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What is Tantric Massage? and How it help your Sex Life?

What is Tantric Massage?

The Tantric Massage is the union of opposites yin and yang, The Tantric Massage invites polarities to dance together.

Not just the meeting, but also the divine union that takes us beyond the apparent separation. The differences between normal massage and Tantric Massage are the energies yin and yang.

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Some complete practic words about Tantric Massage London

How it helps your Sex Life?

At the beginning of the tantric massage procedure, you do not have to wear clothes because you will be lubricated with oil all the time.

Not all tantric massages include the genital area, you will always be asked before accessing this area :) The masseur, using his/her fingers lovingly and respectfully, will proceed to massage and touch of the inner part.

Tantra Massage and Sex Life benefits:

  • Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions of men;
  • Alleviation of blocked (or stuck) emotions;
  • Improvement of orgasmic and pleasure potential;
    Clearing the mind;
  • Promotion of relaxation and Reduction of stress the main factor of dysfunctional sexuality.

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