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An unforgetable adventure of Nuru massage at Vanilla Tantric Massage

The Nuru massage at Vanilla is defined simply as an erotically more explicit extension of the traditional massage and it comes initially from Japan. Like the Tantra massage, the Nuru massage is one of the erotic massage techniques. Due to its origins in Buddism and Hinduism Tantra massage is very much spiritually oriented, while Nuru is less spiritual and focused more on pleasure and fun. A naked girl glides almost weightless with her body over yours, arising an intimate experience, which reduces stress and has a healing effect.

The meaning of the word ''Nuru'' is slippery, smooth, greasy. This is a pure cult of the body, not an athletically perfect body as those of erected statues, but a relaxed body, unrestrained and drugged with pleasure in the empire of senses. The most important in the Nuru massage is waiting. Be patient to taste the orgasm. Remove your clothes slowly. Enjoy your first exchange of looks. Thrill to the magic of first tender touches in the shower.

Slowly, serenely the Nuru massage in London is a kind of cultural event. This is why massage is such a beneficial therapy because it helps the person receiving it to full safe enough to relax and unwind from the deepest parts of the mind at Vanilla Tantric Massage

The word Nuru is the Japanese language for "slippery".

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