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When individuals talk about erotic massage they tend to focus on the amazing experience that comes with a London tantric massage. What many don't know is that there are actually a huge array of different erotic massages, each of which offers a different type of experience and vary in the level of sensuality and pleasure. Our masseuses actually specialise in their own set of different massages which, for a little extra money, you can try out! That's right you don't need to stick to just the tantric massage itself but can instead add something an extra massage to make your session that much memorable.

There are many of you, especially those who've already had a taste of our incredible tantric massage London service, who wish to push your boundaries to reach new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. As previously mentioned each of our girls has their own selection of massages they enjoy so don't be afraid to have a good look through each profile and put together a list of the different services you'd like to try. To make things a little easier for you we thought we'd take you through just a few of the different services you could be in with a chance of enjoying:

Prostate massage London. This is something that many consider trying but many never actually do. A prostate massage is the perfect way to push your own boundaries and try something that for many has become an integral part of their erotic experience. We hear from gentlemen all the time after having tried our London prostate massage service saying they found it incredible can't wait to try again. Having your G-spot professional massaged is a gateway to a whole new level of pleasure that will lead to some of the most powerful orgasms you've ever experienced, so why not give it a go! We promise that once you've tried it you'll be desperate to come back for more! Check out our prostate massage London gallery, or simply call if you're interested in finding out more.

Four hand massage London. A four-hand massage does exactly what it says on the tin and offer you the exclusive chance to be joined by not one but two of our gorgeous masseuses. It goes without saying that anyone would jump at the opportunity to share a sexual experience with two women, and today is your chance! Our masseuses are all very close and so we guarantee no matter who you choose you can expect nothing less than two beautiful girls working in harmony to rid you of stress.

Nuru massage London. This is a form of body to body massage that has been developed in Japan. This is known for the breathtaking level of intimacy with our masseuses rubbing & sliding their nude bodies all over you. When it comes to muscle relief and general relaxation Nuru is unmatched and as a result has quickly become one of our most popular services. As with any of our massages any of the individuals you choose for such an incredible experience are well trained and won't waste a second of the time you spend together. So, why not treat yourself and book one for the stunning price of just £200 an hour!

Couples massage London: Couples massages are great for anyone with a partner who both share the mutual desire to try something new. We receive requests from couples all over London desperate to spice things up, and the company of one of our specially trained masseuses is the perfect way to do so! You will never feel as close to your partner as you do after you've both had the chance to reach the level of satisfaction you do with an erotic massage. The benefits of such an experience are endless, as even after the session the sensual flame between you and your partner will burn brighter than ever! Sound like it could be for you? Surprise your partner today and book on 07479068872

Mutual massage London Mutual massages are another popular choice and for good reason! It gives you the chance to explore your masseuse's body whilst she is exploring yours. This is a massage that will leave you with a high level of confidence and improve your erotic abilities when with others. Again, one we highly recommend so be sure to have a good look through our Mutual massage gallery.

As with any one of our services once you've decided on a girl, or need any help doing so, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07479068872, or feel free to fill out our booking form.