Body to Body Massage London

Looking for Body to Body Massage in London?

There is only one thing that feels better than having a woman's hands on your naked body. A body to body massage is the best thing, believe us! It depends on the person giving the body to body massage of course, but all the girls you book through Vanilla will feel amazing. This isn't just because they're experienced and professional masseuses of course, it's also because they have smoking hot bodies! You've seen those girls with the big natural boobs, or the pert ones with pokey out nipples right? Well, you just imagine feeling those beautiful boobs gliding over your body, covered in oil! Imagine those naked boobs slipping over your shoulder and down each side of your neck as she slides up. And then imagine them sliding over your bottom and between your legs. And that's just your back!

Naked body to body massage

When it's done correctly, by the right woman, a body to body massage can be one of the most sensual experiences you'll ever have in your entire life! We're not just saying that. With the right amount of oil and the right technique, she can have you practically writhing in ecstasy in no time at all. But don't worry, she knows just how to take her time and make it last as long as possible. These body to body massage specialists are expert in holding you off until the last minute. And you can believe us when we tell you that the longer you can hold it off, the better the climax will be. Besides, it's all about the build-up, it's all about the sensations you have during the massage, not the conclusion to it.

The most experienced in the business

There really is very little point in booking a body to body experience from any masseuse who isn't experienced enough. We've had girls applying to our agency before and realised that they just don't have enough experience to keep our clients happy and we've had to refuse them. The girls we have offering this service, are certified as knowing what they are doing! They are confident young woman too. Very comfortable being naked with their clients, and they are incredibly sexually liberated too. You'll find this with a lot of young woman that come from other parts of the world. Most notably of course eastern Europe and Russia. It's only the British that tend to be a little uptight about this sort of thing, but you already knew that! You wouldn't be here if you didn't now would you?

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