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Welcome to Vanilla tantric massage London agency. The masseuses cover Nuru massage London, Erotic massage London and Sensual massage London. We have been operating for many years now, with a number of very highly skilled sensual masseuses. Many of the girls we represent in London have professional therapeutic massage qualifications, as well as vast experience in the art of Tantra.

Tantric massage London

There are many different styles of sensual massage, but arguably the most commonly referred to our Tantric massage London. Both of these are available from the very talented young ladies at Vanilla tantric massage. They require a certain amount of skill, but this is something that our masseuses have developed over time. Once you experience the magic of their touch, you'll be convinced that they are absolute naturals.

Tantric massage London is an almost spiritual form of body worship that enables you to submit yourself completely to the skills of your masseuse. It is designed not only to delight you and provide the ultimate, and inevitable sexual healing that tantric services are renowned for, but it will also make you incredibly relaxed, relieve any stress and tension and allow you to enter a blissful, somewhat ineffable spiritual state of mind. Our clients leave feeling at peace and truly balanced with the world and indeed themselves.

Nuru massage London

In the Nuru massage London philosophy, nudity does not represent an impediment to physical and spiritual fulfillment but a return to the initial condition of man, when man and woman represented a whole and initiation into the mysteries of sexuality did not exclude spiritual purification and ascension. The Nuru massage London addresses the whole body, not just the erogenous areas and the sexual organs, symbolically called Lingham ("sword of light" or "a bunch of rays" in Sanskrit) and Yoni ("sacred space"). The Nuru massage London is something that is often imitated by lesser practitioners of sensual massage in London, and it's only really when you experience the genuine treatment that you can tell the difference. A Nuru massage London center around the lubricant that's specifically designed for this type of massage – Nuru gel. If it's not Nuru gel, it's not a Nuru massage London basically. This is one of the slipperiest substances in the world, and it works perfectly with our sensual body to body massage.

Erotic massage London

The benefits of an Erotic massage London are both physical and mental or spiritual. Certainly, the efficiency of an Erotic massage London is highly dependent on the experience of our highly skilled sensual masseuses. An Erotic massage London can be considered a dance of the fingers on the partner's skin. It is the largest sensory organ of the body and can produce intense pleasures. First of all, you need a lotion or massage oil.

Sensual massage London

Sensual massage London involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both the body and the senses, at the same time, awakening the energy of life known as sexual energy. This awakening of sexual energy through sensual massage London is always gradual and each time directed consciously. Why graded and aware? Because the gradual awakening causes the erotic potential to be transformed into huge energy and thus, then consciously directed by the one who offers the sensual massage London in the whole being of the massaged one. Thus, states of expansion, euphoria, fulfillment without an object are easily reached.

Our erotic massage London services

The range of erotic massage London available is very varied indeed. Here are a few of the classic choices our clients make. You can find more about each of them as you navigate our website, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us with your queries.

  • Tantric massage London
  • Sensual or Erotic massage London
  • Nuru massage London
  • Body to body massage
  • Prostate massage London
  • Four hands massage London
  • Adult Massage London
  • Tie and Tease massage

Whilst these are the “staple” selection of sensual massages on offer at Vanilla, it's important to remember that each of the girls who work with us, all have their very own unique styles. A tantric massage with one of the girls at Vanilla may well be very different from another. They have been practicing tantric massage for many years and have their own styles, solely in order to offer the best service they can. It's highly recommended that you try a number of different girls on repeat bookings, in order to find your favorite. We are confident that this won't be an easy decision to make, however!

Our tantric massage London girls

The girls come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and indeed from all over the world. They have settled here in London because they love the cosmopolitan culture on offer here, and delight at the number of enthusiastic sensual massage clients there are. They're all very friendly and easy to talk to, so if you're prone to being a little anxious, they'll be sure to put you at ease.

In fact, when we agree to represent one of these masseuses at Vanilla, we like to make sure that they are as lovely in their personality as they are in their appearance. It's very important to have a sensual massage with a beautiful woman, it all adds to the whole pleasure of the experience. But if she's not prepared to chat and be friendly with you prior to the commencement of your message, she's not going to work out.

Your tantric massage London has to be an experience that you will never forget. This is our aim, so our selection of girls has to be perfect. They all have to have the necessary skills too, of course, that goes without saying. They're all well versed in tantric, Nuru and body to body massage services, among many others. And remember, as we mentioned earlier, each of the girls offers a very different style.

Our tantric massage by London locations

Incall and outcall Tantric massage London services

The girls that have been selected to provide your erotic massage are all located in various different places around London. This is because they operate their own masseuse businesses from their homes. They all have very comfortable and discreetly located apartments that are easy to find. They have full shower facilities for you to use, before and after your tantric massage, and they will more than likely offer you refreshment too. Your masseuse is dedicated to your relaxation for the duration of your booking.

If you would rather stay in the comfort of your own home or hotel, we are more than happy to send one of our masseuses to your location. Provided of course that you are located not too far away, and you are in Central London. Please ask about our outcall services when you select a masseuse you would like.

Experience the best in tantric massage London services with Vanilla tantric massage London

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